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No matter where you study and who you study with

No matter where you study and who you study with, there is a principle, that is, you should only study with those who have results. Who is the result of speculating in foreign exchange? Only professional foreign exchange traders. Note that there are essential differences between the two, not foreign exchange analysts. Every day, what you hear on TV and radio interpret the market is the so-called analysts. They just throw out support and resistance levels, whether they can enter the market, when they enter the market, and what points they will appear. This kind of person, you learn from him all your life, that is, an analyst, is only suitable for giving lectures and writing articles on the financial channel. Some people may have learned some courses on the Internet and been fooled into thinking that foreign exchange can only be groped by themselves, which is a big mistake. If you think you are smart, you can try it for a few years. It is futile to take more detours without expert guidance. Sometimes, the money should be spent, and learning itself is an investment, just to invest in the right teachers.

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