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AMG assets is the world's leading provider of investment processing, investment management and investment operations solutions. Investment business solutions provide investment management support for traditional Investment Products such as mutual funds, collective investment trusts, Exchange traded funds, hedge funds, equity funds and real estate funds, as well as institutional and independent accounts, including fund and investment accounting, administration, investor services and customer reporting. These solutions also provide management focused on alternative investments Managers provide support.

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Under the premise of sharing economy, in order to further globalize and innovate all the way, AMG will implement online and offline diversified services according to the needs of investors and the development trend of enterprises. In order to follow the development trend of the Internet, break through the traditional financial mode and meet the industry reform, namely, making full use of financial technology to eliminate the limitation of distance and time, AMG assets will launch the online Application AMG equity investment base Gold, will be new online in the near future.

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