Stock and stock index futures hedging

The investment research team of the company adopts the analytical method of "bottom-up" and "top-down", focuses on the fundamental research, and pays attention to the growth and investment value of the investment object.

Stock and stock index futures hedging Futures 第1张

Fixed income investment

The fixed income team integrates international fixed income management experience and local resources, relies on the company's overall equity investment strength, stock and debt allocation ability, and learns from overseas experience to strictly control the risk.

Quantitative investment and ETF

The quantitative investment team effectively combines the domestic and foreign concepts with the local market, maintains communication with the global quantitative team of Jingshun group, and constructs a fundamental driven multi factor quantitative investment model. Quantitative product line coverage index enhancement, active quantification, market neutral / long short hedging, risk parity and other strategies, products with different return / risk characteristics.

international investment

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