The difference between futures securities and stocks

It should be noted that the loss of outstanding talents is a common problem faced by the majority of fund companies, including Janus fund company. Building a good corporate culture to attract and retain talent is one of the biggest challenges in the fund industry. Because the stability of the management team is often reflected in the performance of the fund.

The difference between futures securities and stocks Futures stock 第1张

From the case of Jenas fund, I think there are at least two points worthy of warning from China's fund companies: first, a good corporate culture and incentive mechanism to attract and retain talents. It is not uncommon for fund managers to leave and leave China's fund industry. Multi fund manager system is a realistic choice for fund companies to pursue stability. The other is to arrange the product line reasonably to control the risk. At that time, Jenas was in the bull market of science and technology stocks, and its products were concentrated in growth funds. Compared with the current bull market in China, stock funds were the most popular. However, if the sudden turn of the stock market happened, it would not only hurt investors, but also fund companies whose product lines were concentrated in equity funds.

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