Advantages and disadvantages of futures and stocks

Minyoung Sohn, the fund manager of Janus fundamental equity, suddenly left the company. Skool and Coggins are the best and most senior fund managers of Jenas, while SOFF is a rising star in the fund industry.

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Among the three fund managers, the most important loss is the fund manager. In the past, JanUS fund had experienced the crisis of fund manager's leaving. But now, it is Gary black, CEO of Janus fund, who has implemented the policy of increasing senior analysts and expanding product line. It is also the time when Jenas fund is just getting better after the downturn of bear market. Previously, the Jenas fund was once concentrated in the narrow product line of growth funds and vulnerable research team, and suffered from Waterloo's bear market after the collapse of the technology bubble. What Jenas was questioned at that time was that some analysts who had not enough experience were pushed into the position of fund managers because of the departure of fund managers.

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