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Equivalence exchange currency is actually the reflection of economic development.

Equivalence exchange currency is actually the reflection of economic development. In the earliest period of human society, when money was not consumed by people, everyone used to exchange equivalents and stopped communication with two different things that looked equivalent. This is the early commodity economy. Later, the exchange of equivalent goods was not suitable for the development of economy and society, so people began to seek more suitable methods, thus presenting money, which is also the further development of early society. The appearance of small seashells as the main currency makes people's daily life more simple and convenient, and plays an important role in the early economic development. In early human society, money did not have two forms of paper money and coins as it does now. At that time, the currency was mainly small seashells, a kind of seashells growing in southern waters, which was not easy to be made into counterfeit money because of its special shape. The presentation of money is very important to the development of the country. It can be said that money promotes the composition of the country. Why did the equivalent goods at the beginning exchange with each other and be eliminated by the society? Currency presentation is also recorded in history books. Epics say that many things have been exchanged as currencies, but because equivalents are particularly difficult to find, they are gradually eliminated, which makes currencies formally enter the historical stage. Someone once made a ranking of world currencies. Chinese currency was the earliest in the world, that is, it was presented in China more than 4,000 years ago. But why did Chinese currency appear so early? This may be due to the continuous rule of the ruling class, and the development of human society has a common direction. The improvement of consumption efficiency is the improvement of quality of life and the improvement of consumption efficiency, which makes money appear so early. As for the circulation of money, it needs people to bear it for a long time, and it needs currency generalization. This request to the ruler is very high. Once the ruler has a high prestige, it will constitute authoritative reputation, which is very solid in the social state at that time. Therefore, it can be said that the reputation of the ruler is the key reason for the universal development of money. Open the window of history, the writer's research on the source of money shows that the source of money breaks the previous logic penetration in history, which just opens a difficult historical window for us. It is precisely because the source of money is inextricably linked with society that we can see a lot of history from it that we have never heard or seen before. Besides being super important to the development of society and country, money also has a final break. The irreplaceable meaning is to create characters. The second daughter of Astronomical Emperor Yao once went to the sea to collect shells. Because he experienced a very impulsive process, he was impressed and invented 35 characters. The characters he invented have far-reaching significance for the development of society in the future, and also open a beginning for pictographic characters, and also open up a road for Chinese materialist rationality. It can be said that the circulation of money has irreplaceable significance for the development of China.

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